In the words of 'ol John Hiatt... 

" He loved that guitar just like a girlfriend, 
But every good thing comes to an end." 

Joe Fournier's alter ego one man band, Spit Jr. has released a new single/video. Emotional Suitcase is a 2:39 AM radio rock and roll stomper, heartland style. The companion video depicts a backroads joyride, while dragging around an old guitar and case to its ultimate destruction. Fun? You bet!

Joe had the idea to try and write/record singles, in the classic pop and rock radio style of the '60s and '70s while lounging around in San Diego during the winter of 2019. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, there was suddenly a ton of time to get with the plan.  This is the third and latest single release -  written, recorded, played and filmed by Joe's alter ego ... Spit Jr !

Purveyors of old guy rock and roll since 2019.

Get more Spit Jr right here

get more Spit Jr right here



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Spit jr at Junkyard Dog Music